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Tulsa, Oklahoma

About American Track in Tulsa, Oklahoma

We are a railway company in Oklahoma that serves industrial track customers such as refineries, chemical plants, Military bases, cement plants as well as lime plants. American Track performs rail inspections on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to assist our customers in keeping their tracks in safe, operating conditions. Our services include major and minor track repairs, new construction projects, and any other related track services. Choose American Track as the railroad track service provider near you by calling us today at (817) 716-4614.

Area Manager's Bio

Area Manager

Jason Jones

After graduating college in 2005, Jason spent 7 years serving his community in Law Enforcement. Jason began his railroad career in 2013 operating locomotives inside a major refinery in Tulsa, OK. He then became a yardmaster through 2015 when he became the Assistant Site Leader overseeing night operations for the refinery. In 2017 he was promoted and took over rail operations at another larger refinery in the region. Then, due to his ongoing excellence in these industrial facilities, Jason was recruited and joined American Track in 2018 as a superintendent and became the area manager for our Oklahoma operations in 2021.

Jason is married with two beautiful children. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching his kids’ sports teams and is a Volunteer Firefighter in the town where he lives.