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Railway Construction Surveying

Railroad surveys are a critical step in rail line development. American Track’s team has many years of experience and can perform effective and accurate surveys to make the design process move quickly and efficiently.

The Importance of Railroad Surveys

In an ideal world, the track would run in a perfectly straight line from start to finish, with no changes in slope and no turns. This is very unlikely because there are geographic obstacles that nearly always make this impossible. A railroad construction survey provides information to help determine the best route for the rail line, as well as to identify any concerns with current tracks under maintenance.

American Track’s rail construction engineers work alongside our surveyors and assist in the mapping of optimal rail routes, determining grades, slopes, and curves in different sections. Once blueprints have been created, the surveyor remains involved during construction to make sure that the crew locates the rail line and other features of the land mapped out on the blueprint.

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Railway construction surveying is just part of the comprehensive railroad trackwork services we provide to our clients. We are a full-service railroad construction company that can be there from start to finish. Contact one of our locations today to get started!

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