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Safety is our priority. American Track has a Zero Accident Goal. Our employees go through multiple training courses before ever stepping onto a job site. These courses include a full day of our in-house training and the Class I provided safety courses on e-Railsafe.

We are members of many third-party systems which track vendor qualifications and safety standards. Though costly, membership with these systems allow us to work in many facilities with elevated safety standards. We belong to ISNetworld, Browz, DISA and Avetta.

American track encourages all its employees to actively promote the safety-first mentality. Our employees can stop work at any time to address unsafe conditions. We feel that if everyone is involved, the job site will be a safer place to work because safety is always on everyone’s mind. We have extensive safety requirements that must be followed. If they are not, there are consequences, even as severe as dismissal, depending on the violation.

Our extensive training includes annual in-house, OSHA, MSHA, FRA Track Safety Standards/Railroad Workplace Safety, Roadway Protection Safety and Class I Railroad specific training. We have weekly “ToolBox Talks” and each day we have “2-Minute Safety Minder” meetings covering something specific to the job or conditions in the area. If an Owner requires specific onsite training, this is done prior to start of the job.

In addition, our equipment is inspected daily and documented. We keep them in top shape to avoid any potential safety risks.

All employees are alcohol and drug screened prior to employment, annually and randomly. We use a third-party background check through e-Railsafe & e-Verify upon employment and annually.

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