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American track is a one-stop shop for all things railroad design, construction, and maintenance.

American Track is a railroad company that specializes in construction, maintenance, and engineering. A company with roots in the railroad industry going back over 160 years.

From conceptual design to project completion, American Track is a railroad contractor who has the expertise to get the job done. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest construction technologies. With advanced Computer Aided Drafting, GPS survey capabilities, and computer-aided construction equipment American Track can maintain precision while maximizing productivity. Solving problems is our passion and we would be thrilled to help with all your rail needs. We are the best local railroad contractor.

We are American Track

a trusted railroad contractor

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New Railway Construction

We are a railroad construction company that can meet any of your track needs whether it’s a few hundred feet or miles of track construction.

Railroad Consulting

Rail Engineering Consultation

Our in-house engineers have vast field experience allowing them to optimize designs for both functionality and constructability.

Railway Construction Surveying

With GPS, 3D grade controls and other advanced surveying technologies, American Track can maintain high precision and efficiency.

Rail Inspection

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid safety issues and unforeseen track outages. American Track offers maintenance programs that can fit any customer’s needs.

Track Rehabilitation

Track sections naturally degrade over time. American Track can rehabilitate an entire track section from sub-ballast to rail.

Special Railroad Track Work

Special Track Work

Our vast experience as a full-service railroad construction company in the industry allows us to offer many services that our competitors do not. Some of these services include Design/Build, Track Scales, Rail Bridges, Unloading Pits, Embedded Track, Direct Fixation, Insulated joints, Crossings, Circle Track and Crane Rail.

Emergency Services

In track outage and unsafe conditions, we will do everything we can to get you back on track in a timely manner.

Earthwork Services

American Track can engineer site grading including SWPPP, storm drainage and provide all calculations for run-off, catchment areas and flow requirements. We can clear and grub your site and complete all mass excavation in dirt or rock. ATG can install all necessary site drainage to protect your track and roadbed from saturation.

We Appreciate our customers

Building Strong Foundations

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2488 Golden Triangle Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76177


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Houston, TX 77044

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Lexington, NC 27292


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Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

1559 Boiling Springs Road

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