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New Railroad Construction

Looking to start a new railroad construction project? We can help! As an experienced, full-service railroad provider, we are able to provide numerous services that our rivals do not. Here at American Track, we can work with you to design the track to your specific wants and needs. Our expert builders will take great care to bring the vision you have to life, and to do it in the most efficient way possible.

Full-Service Railroad Construction

American Track prioritizes your railroad construction projects. With the experience we have at American Track, that means you’ll be getting exactly what you’re looking for. Our skills and training allow us to confidently say that we’re the experts.

Our People

Our people are essential in providing quality work and excellent services. American Track’s leadership team represents over 300 years of combined experience in the industry. Knowledge and experience are distributed throughout the organization to be utilized and improved upon by all. Our goal is for our employees to have the opportunity to capitalize on this knowledge to improve performance and grow their careers in railroad construction. This results in an exceptional team, capable of taking on any project with high-quality results. 

Our Equipment

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest in construction technology. American Track utilizes the latest in advanced computer-aided drafting (CAD), GPS survey, and computer-assisted construction equipment. With these technologies, our fleet is empowered to complete projects faster and with higher accuracy than conventional construction equipment. Our ever-expanding fleet includes production tampers, regulators, and standard construction equipment such as excavators and loaders.

New Railroad Construction

Whether it’s a few hundred feet or miles of track construction, American Track can get your job done right. It’s what we do best! We prioritize safety and efficiency, so you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting that project completed. When you need top quality railroad construction, American Track has your back. Simply contact us to start the process of working alongside our professional crews to design the layout of your tracks. Your project is in good hands!

Expert Track Work

All our experience as a full-service railroad provider in the industry gives us the opportunity to be many companies’ top choices for railroad work. When you need quality railroad construction done, you need to be able to trust the construction process. American Track can complete any project you have planned quickly and efficiently, not to mention safely. For the expert railroad construction you deserve, give us a call.

American Track can engineer all sorts of railroad track projects. Simply give us a call to discuss your plans and business intentions. We can clear and grub your site and complete all mass excavation in dirt or rock. ATG can install all necessary site drainage to protect your track and roadbed from saturation.



American Track is capable of executing projects of any size. We have a portfolio of projects of all sizes from several thousand to tens of millions. From a single road crossing to a multi-track storage yard, we’ll get it done.

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