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Rail Inspection

Railroad maintenance and rail inspection is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and efficiency of railway systems. When it comes to railways, it’s essential to be proactive rather than reactive because things can go wrong when you least expect them. Preventive railroad maintenance plays a pivotal role in averting safety issues, preventing costly track outages, and saving your company significant amounts of money in the long run. At American Track, we excel in providing comprehensive railroad inspection and maintenance services.

Comprehensive Railroad Services

We emphasize the importance of preventive railroad maintenance. It’s not just about avoiding safety concerns; it’s also about saving your company money and ensuring the uninterrupted flow of your rail operations in the long run. We recommend a bi-annual inspection of the railroad tracks in your facility by one of our highly qualified inspectors. Our comprehensive railway inspection services encompass a range of critical assessments and evaluations, from walking the entire track to checking alignment and more.

Walking the Entire Track

Our inspectors start by meticulously walking the entire track. We leave no stone unturned to ensure a thorough examination.

Visual Inspection of Ties, Rail, Bolts, Spikes

Our trained eyes scrutinize the condition of ties, rail, bolts, and spikes, looking for visible signs of wear and damage.

Gauge and Alignment Check

Maintaining the correct gauge (rail separation) and alignment is paramount for safe rail operations. We check for any deviations from the industry standards.

Subgrade Evaluation

A strong foundation is key to the stability of your tracks. We evaluate the subgrade to ensure it can support your railway infrastructure effectively.

Ballast Assessment

The condition of the ballast, crucial for stability and drainage, is evaluated to identify any issues that need attention.

Turnouts and Switches

Turnouts and switches are vital components of your railway system. We meticulously inspect them to detect any defects or malfunctions.

Recommendations for Scheduled Maintenance

Based on our findings, we provide recommendations for scheduled maintenance. This proactive approach helps you address minor issues before they become major problems.

Rehabilitation of Any Needed Areas

If we discover areas of the track that require rehabilitation or repair, our team is well-equipped to take prompt and effective action.

Railroad Maintenance Services

At American Track, we believe that inspection and maintenance go hand in hand. Identifying areas of concern is just the beginning. Our railroad track maintenance contractors are experts in taking corrective action, whether it’s in response to issues identified by our inspectors or flagged by third-party inspection companies. We handle both routine and irregular maintenance tasks, including rail lubrication, switch point welding, rail replacement, and more.

Rail Lubrication: Routine lubrication reduces friction and wear, extending the life of your tracks.

Switch Cleaning: Clean switches are vital for proper functioning, and we ensure they remain debris-free.

Switch Point Welding: Damaged or worn switch points are expertly welded to restore their functionality.

Rail Replacement: Excessively worn or damaged rails are replaced promptly to maintain track integrity and safety.

Other Railroad Track Work: Our maintenance team is versatile and well-prepared to tackle a wide range of railroad track work, minimizing disruptions and ensuring smooth operations.

By combining rigorous inspections with proactive maintenance, American Track aims to keep your railroad tracks in prime condition, reducing the risk of accidents and costly downtime.

Whether you require monthly, quarterly, or yearly inspections, we have you covered. From single track sidings to expansive manufacturing facilities with extensive track networks, our expertise is at your service.

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