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Emergency Services

American Track understands the dynamic and unpredictable nature of emergencies in the rail industry. While regular maintenance is crucial for safety and efficiency, unforeseen accidents and track failures can disrupt operations at any given moment. That’s why we specialize in delivering comprehensive emergency track repair services, ensuring that your railroad infrastructure receives the immediate attention it deserves.

Our Emergency Track Repair Services

American Track’s emergency services bring a level of expertise and rapid response that is unparalleled in the industry. Our range of emergency services ensures that your railroad infrastructure remains safe, efficient, and operational under all circumstances. Our team, skilled in various aspects of track maintenance and repair, stands ready to address any challenge swiftly.

At American Track, our commitment to fast response and expert service guarantees that your railroad infrastructure is always in prime condition, ready to face any challenge.

Joint Replacement

Damaged or worn-out joints can pose a significant risk to the stability and safety of train tracks. Our skilled and dedicated crews are equipped to efficiently handle joint replacements, ensuring that your railroad infrastructure remains in optimal condition. We prioritize swift and effective solutions to minimize downtime and enhance the safety of your tracks.

Rail Replacement

When sections of the rail become damaged or excessively worn, our expert teams can seamlessly replace them to maintain a smooth and safe rail surface. Utilizing advanced techniques and equipment, we execute rail replacements swiftly, contributing to the overall safety and longevity of your rail network.


In situations where a train has derailed or there is severe track misalignment, our experienced technicians employ re-railing techniques to safely guide the train back onto the tracks. Our goal is to minimize disruptions and swiftly restore normal operations, prioritizing both safety and operational continuity.

Switch Repairs

Malfunctioning switches can lead to significant disruptions and delays in rail operations. Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to diagnose and repair switch-related issues promptly, ensuring the seamless flow of trains through your network. We understand the critical role switches play in maintaining operational efficiency.

Tie Installation

The integrity of railroad ties is essential for maintaining track alignment and stability. Whether it’s due to rot, decay, or other factors, our teams can swiftly replace damaged or deteriorated ties, enhancing the overall safety and longevity of your tracks. We prioritize proactive tie installation to prevent potential issues before they impact your operations.

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At American Track, we prioritize the safety and operational continuity of your facility. Our dedicated emergency response teams are readily available to address your immediate needs, providing efficient and reliable solutions to keep your rail network running smoothly. Trust us to be your partner in ensuring the resilience and safety of your railroad infrastructure during unexpected emergencies. With a commitment to excellence, American Track stands as your reliable partner in navigating the challenges of the rail industry.

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