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Tomahawk, Wisconsin

About American Track in Tomahawk, Wisconsin

American Track acquired Strategic Rail, LLC in May of 2024. Prior to the acquisition, Strategic Rail, LLC had been well known by Class 1 railroads to provide ties and rail gang support across the United States for the past seven years. They are currently located in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Contact our team today by calling us at (715) 224-2554.

Area Manager's Bio

Area Manager

Travis Gustafson

Travis’ railroad career started as a Grapple Operator in 2006 for Happ’s, Inc located in Chicago Heights, Illinois. He was promoted to Project Manager for the entire United States in 2013 and remained in that position until 2017 when he and his wife decided to begin their own operation and move back to Wisconsin to be closer to family. Since then, they have been leading Strategic Rail, LLC in building its rapport across the United States.