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Rail Services

We Do It All

From conceptual design to project completion, American Track will get the job done. At American Track, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest construction technologies. We have a strong team of engineers, project managers and craft employees who can take on any rail project. Our area managers work closely with their customers to maintain inventory and manpower to keep them on track though any maintenance scenario.

American Track Construction

The American Track Team

American Track’s leadership team represents over 30 years of combined experience in the railroad industry including railway construction. The knowledge and experience of our senior members are passed down to be utilized and improved upon by those beneath them. The goal of our railroad construction services is for our employees to have the opportunity to capitalize on the knowledge and grow in their careers. This results in an exceptional team, capable of taking on any project.


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American Track Engineering

The American Track Difference

Unlike many civil design firms, American Track’s railway engineers specialize in track design. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to design track projects quickly and with construction in mind. We routinely provide re-engineering services for our construction customers to evaluate and streamline designs, drawings, timelines and execution plans. With American Track, you can rest assured that your project designs will meet your operational needs and construction execution will go smoothly.


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American Track Maintenance

Minimizing downtime with forecasted maintenance

Routine train track maintenance is vital in avoiding safety issues and unforeseen outages. American Track’s maintenance professionals can identify areas of concern before they become dangerous. Our maintenance team is equipped to fix any problems identified by our inspectors. We offer several railroad maintenance services depending on the needs of our customers. We can take care of routine maintenance items such as rail lubrication and switch cleaning, as well as irregular maintenance items such as switch point welding or rail replacement.


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