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Mosaic Potash

Mosaic Potash

This project consisted of a total reconstruction of the entire rail yard. The existing track infrastructure had been in service since the 1940s and much of the original rail was still in the facility. The harsh environment and age of the facility resulted in frequent track failures which were periodically remedied.

This project required that the facility have rail service at all times so proper phasing of rehabilitation was vital. As soon as each track was reconstructed, work began on the next. American Track came across several fatal flaws in the original design (original design by others) and had to perform a comprehensive redesign.

  • Demo 18,750 track feet and 22 Turnouts
  • Remove & dispose of box culverts, asphalt paving, rip rap & existing scale pit
  • Remove & replace 2 scale pits
  • Excavate & disposal of contaminated materials
  • Excavation of 34,000 cubic yards
  • Rock excavation 250 tons
  • Sub-grade stabilization 18,505 square yards
  • Embankment 4600 cubic yards
  • Track reconstruction of 16,480 TF of 136# rail and 505 TF of 115# rail
  • 43,323 TF of welded rail strings
  • 18 Turnouts – 136#
  • 10,350 Cross Ties
  • 256 TF of crossing panels
  • Construct 5 earthen bumpers
  • Install Derails
  • Construct wing walls, headwalls, 264 LF of handrails, drainage inlets with grating, utility encasements, 150 LF of concrete curbs, steel reinforcement, 700 LF of trench drain and Fall Protection piers

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