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Ardmore Airpark

Ardmore Airpark

Ardmore Air Park was a large-scale Design/Build project located in Ardmore, OK. The goal of the project was to design and build a rail site capable of accepting a full unit train after the initial construction phase with plans to expand to a two-unit train capacity at a later date. The key issue with this project was its location, namely its proximity to the airport.

Previous engineers had proposed the construction of a bride on the north side of the loop track in order to stay clear of the protection zone. This bridge tremendously increased the cost of the project. Eventually, American Track was approached to come up with a solution. After extensive examination of the site and negotiations with the FAA, American Track proposed our solution.

The entrance to the facility would be placed in a forty-foot cut, resulting in compliance with the FAA and drastically reduced costs. Additionally, the cut and site grading were designed to have a net-zero excavation. Meaning that no earth had to be moved to or from the project site, further reducing cost. Ultimately, the American Tracks solution resulted in a 55% reduction in cost to the original design.

  • Design
  • 58 Acres of clear and grub
  • 476500 Cubic Yards of Excavation and Embankment
  • All grading and rail design per BNSF standards for industrial loop tracks
  • Design approval from BNSF Railroad
  • Complete Site Surveys
  • Soil Boring & Compaction Testing
  • All grading work and subgrade stabilization
  • All drainage structures
  • 21,100′ of Rail installation (first phase)
  • 2 double switch point derails
  • 6 turnouts
  • Installations consisting of Wye, Yard & Loop Turnouts

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