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6 Types of Track Equipment and Their Functions

Railroads can be a vital part of transportation for your company. Not only do they provide an efficient way to move goods, but also they are an important factor in logistics planning. If you’re looking for a railroad contractor, it’s important to know what types of equipment they offer and what functions each piece performs. This will help you make the best decision for your needs. Here are six types of rail track equipment and their functions.

1. Rail Grinder

A rail grinder is used to grind down the rails to a smooth finish, which helps to reduce noise and vibration levels. Additionally, rail grinders can be used to remove rust and paint from the rails, as well as to create grooves in the rails for better traction. As a result, rail grinders are a versatile and essential tool for any company that works on railway construction or maintenance.

2. Ballast Regulator

A ballast regulator is a machine used to spread and level the gravel, or ballast, that forms the track bed on a railroad. It is an essential tool in both the construction and maintenance of railroad tracks. The ballast regulator evenly distributes the ballast, creating a smooth surface over which the rails can be laid. This helps to ensure that the tracks are level and free of obstructions, providing a safe and efficient path for trains. In addition, the ballast regulator helps to prevent trackbed degradation by keeping the ballast evenly compacted. 

3. Rail Mower

A rail mower is a specialized piece of equipment that is designed specifically for clearing vegetation from around railway tracks. The rail mower is a towed implement that consists of a number of rotary blades that spin rapidly, allowing the mower to cut through thick grass and weeds with ease. The rail mower is an essential piece of equipment for any company that specializes in railroad construction or maintenance, as it allows them to quickly clear debris from the tracks, ensuring a safe and efficient operation. In addition, the rail mower can also be used to clear vegetation from around other infrastructures, such as power lines or pipelines. 

4. Track Geometry Car

The rail track geometry car helps ensure the safety and efficiency of the railroad by checking the alignment and profile of the track. This allows for accurate measurement and correction of any potential problems that could lead to accidents or delays. The track geometry car is equipped with sensors that measure the width, twists, turns, and slopes of the rail. This data is then transmitted to a computer, which produces a detailed report of the track’s condition.

5. Wheel Tester

Wheel testing is essential for ensuring that the wheels of locomotives and other rail cars are in good condition and will not fail while in use. The wheel tester applies a load to the wheels and then measures the performance of the wheels under that load. This information is then used to determine whether the wheels need to be repaired or replaced. In addition, the information from the wheel tester can be used to improve the design of future railroad wheels. As a result, a wheel tester is an essential tool for any company that offers railroad construction or maintenance services.

6. Rail Bender

As its name suggests, a rail bender is used to bend rails, allowing for the construction of curves and switches. This process is necessary in order to create a smooth, safe ride for trains. Rail benders are also used to fix damaged sections of the track. By carefully bending the rails back into place, companies can avoid the need for costly and time-consuming repairs. As a result, a rail bender is a valuable tool for any business that relies on the railroad.

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